Web Design Principles And How They Can Improve Aesthetic Appeal of Any Website

You can implement any number of conversion enhancing strategies but if design of your site is not up to the mark then all these strategies will definitely fail. In this context let us look at some web design principles which can help you in improving design of your website and attract more visitors.

Web Design Principles and Their Benefits

Here we will look at:

  • Fitt’s Law and
  • Rule of Thirds

Fitt’s Law

According to Fitt’s Law the time necessary for moving to any targeted area (as for example, for clicking a button) is an attribute of distance to such target as well as size of such a target. In simpler terms, if the object is bigger as well as closer to us then it is a lot easier to use such object.

Example Illustrating How it Works

A good example of implementation of this principle can be seen on Spotify’s website which has made it easier to click on the play button in comparison to other buttons.

Spotify has also added the play button on their desktop app right at the bottom left of the screen since such location is considered to be most accessible part of the screen.

However, it does not mean that large sized call to action (CTA) buttons is always a better thing. It will certainly be not advisable to have a button which covers up half of the screen.

Increase in Size and its Influence

Additionally, for a very tiny button even a 20% increase in size will make it a lot easier to click while on the other hand the same benefit will not be realized for an object which is already quite large.

Let us look at a simple example of a web form on your website with 2 buttons at the bottom named Submit and Reset. You expect most of the users to click on the submit button and such it should be comparatively bigger than the reset button.

web designRule of Thirds

It is commonplace to use images in your web design since images can visually communicate your messages a lot faster than text can. But images on your website can be lot more appealing if they use the rule of thirds.

So what is rule of thirds?

Basically according to this rule image should be thought of as partitioned into 9 equal parts by 2 identically spaced parallel lines and 2 identically spaced perpendicular lines. The central compositional elements in the image are to be placed close to these lines or near their intersections.

By following this rule images can become interesting as well as make your site a lot more noticeable.