All You Need To Know About Tile Printing

Tile printing is a method used in computer programs to enable users to print larger images than a standard one. This is done by a program called The Raster Bator. The program overlays a grid on the printed image where each tile is the size of the printed page then prints each tile. The tiles can then be arranged to reconstruct the full image. The program accepts users’ images and divides them into a grid format. This, therefore, allows users to specify how big the end product should be. The Raster Bator finally produces images in PDF form which, when printed out, and they will form the entire picture.

Tile printing has been widely spread since the time of mainframe computers. It also involves making a long message of letters, with an inline graphic of the same height, then printing it sideways over several pages to make a banner.

A large amount of ink is used in the process of making a tiled print since high resolution images are used to create the prints. Inkjet printers allow people to make printouts that do not give up the resolution of the original image. This type of printing usually is associated with the print shops.