The Purpose and Goal of The Phoenix Charter

Phoenixcharter Academy Network is a little gathering of high-performing secondary schools in Massachusetts, targets disengaged students who have been to a great extent underserved by the customary state funded educational system. Encouraged by a confidence in the guarantee of the young with whom it works, Phoenix holds students to testing scholarly and behavioral benchmarks, while coupling those measures with complete enthusiastic support.

Tasked by the previous Department of Education Commissioner to wind up "a model for option training" at the first beginning of its sanction in 2005, Phoenixcharter is well on its approach to satisfying this charge. As of now, Phoenix works two schools, a Commonwealth contract school in Chelsea (opened in 2006) and an in-region school in Lawrence (opened in 2012). Both schools are open secondary schools and are educational cost free for students. Phoenix was affirmed by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary training to open its third sanction secondary school in Springfield in the fall of 2014.

The Phoenixcharter Academy Network deals with a developing arrangement of free, open-enlistment, school preliminary open secondary schools in Massachusetts. The Network's central goal is to challenge disengaged understudies with thorough scholastics and steady bolster so they can recast themselves as versatile, independent grown-ups keeping in mind the end goal to succeed in secondary school, school, and past.

Among the school components are a more drawn out school day and year, strict participation and behavior principles, little classes, focused on scholastic remediation, an understudy bolster focus, and an on location Little Scholars Center, for child rearing stdents. Not at all like most "option" schools that place essential spotlight on understudy bolster frequently to the detriment of thorough scholastics.

The Phoenixcharter Academy Network of schools deliberately targets such defenseless, withdrew understudies and holds them to testing scholastic and behavioral models, while giving the backings to help them arrive. Phoenix works three schools: two Commonwealth contract schools in Chelsea (opened in 2006) and Springfield (opened in September 2014) and an in-region school in Lawrence (opened in 2012).