8 Best Whitsunday Islands for Diving

The Whitsunday islands are a renowned diving spot. Just off the coast of Australia these remote, uninhabited islands provide a great diving spot for tourists who would want to enjoy wildlife they wouldn’t otherwise get to see anywhere. Easily accessible from Australia and even Fiji this place isn’t one to miss if you are in the area. With lots of premium diving spots to choose from, one often gets confused as to which ones to go to. We made a list of the best ones!


Here are the top spots for Whitsunday islands diving that any good diving academy like Whitsundaydivingacademy would consider taking you.

  • Bird Island: You can go down to about two to fifteen meters and have a look at underground caves and ledges as well as fish like cod, sweetlip and even trevally.
  • Black Island: Coral heads and silty sand greet you at the bottom, with lots of colorful marine life.
  • Cataran bay: This has some of the best hard coral formations in the area.
  • Waite Bay: Lots of interesting coral formations as well as colorful marine life.
  • Blue pearl bay: Good for shallow water diving, you’ll find many different coral species here.
  • Dolphin point: Lots of big fish activities, watch out of sharks!
  • East Reef: Smaller variety of coral is present here as well as smaller reef wish.
  • Hook Island: Interesting marine life, underwater ledges and caves and lots of coral. You name it and this place has it!

Make sure you visit some of these renowned sites next time you’re in the area.