How To Avoid Headache Triggers

The dreaded headache seems to creep up on us when we are least expecting it.  There are so many reasons people get headaches, most doctors even have a hard time diagnosing the cause because there can be so many different triggers or causes. If you are unsure of the cause of your headaches start to become aware of your surroundings and see if there are any triggers that may be attributing to your headaches. 

One large trigger that may be causing your headaches is strong perfumes or scents.  Most of us don’t even realize that some of the products we purchase and use on a daily basis can contain a scent our body is not agreeing with and may be a trigger to our headaches.  When purchasing products try to find those that are scent free, this includes; body wash, lotions, hairsprays, deodorant, laundry detergent and hand soaps.  Even take note if someone you live or work with wears a strong scent and ask that they refrain from wearing it for a week to see if that may be the trigger for your headaches. 

These days we spend a lot of time using our cellphones, tablets and computers.  This may be a trigger for headaches as well.  Most of the gadgets emit glare that stimulates cranial nerves to release inflammatory neurotransmitters.  Start to take note of headaches that may start after you are ending some time on any of these gadgets.  Of course it is unlikely we can refrain from using them but you can help protect yourself by purchasing screen protectors that help to keep glare to a minimum.  Also be aware of your posture when you are using these gadgets.  Most of us tend to have our shoulders rolled in and our necks down which goes against the natural posture of our bodies and can tighten muscles or put pressure on nerves.  Try making sure any phone, tablet or computer is at eye level and your neck is not down.  If you are sitting and using a computer, make sure your keyboard and screen are straight in front of you to avoid twisting or slouching.

If you continue to have headaches it may be a good idea to see your local San Diego Chiropractor and get an exam to check the structure of your body.   Getting frequent headaches may be attributed to our bodies being out of alignment, which causes muscles to pull and pressure on our nerves.  Most San Deigo Chiropractors can take x-rays as well as a nerve scan which can show them if chiropractic adjustments may be necessary to help relieve your headaches.  Remember nothing is going to be a cure overnight but finding triggers and checking your body alignment can be a great way to find natural solutions to those dreaded headaches.