Audio Transcription – A highly skilled service simplifying business activities

Transcription is a highly specialised service that involves conversion of audio files or spoken word in written format. In audio transcription process, audio recording is converted into written word by a specialised transcription professional who listens to the tapes and types the spoken matter on a computer or other device.

Audio transcription is a highly skilled service and requires individuals who possess excellent listening as well as typing skills. Transcription services are needed by several companies and the industries where these services may be particularly needed include legal, medical and insurance industries. Quality transcription professionals are also required to be aware of the technical terminologies in use. For eg: Medical transcription work can only be done by individuals who are well aware of the medical terminologies used in the recording and what they mean.

A professional involved in audio transcription work is also required to understand the context in which any matter has been spoken and convert it into written word in the correct way. A transcriptionist is also required to edit the matter so as to ensure that critical content is not lost while removing unnecessary parts. In some cases the transcriptionist may be required to do a verbatim transcription. In this case the audio recordings have to be completely converted into written format without removing or editing any parts.

The tools required for effective audio transcription include a good recording device , a computer, an audio software that can play the audio recording, a good headset and a foot pedal. The foot pedal is extremely crucial as it allows the transcriptionist to control the speed of the audio recording and it can be stopped and started with the foot.

There are several companies that offer audio transcription services and it is a good idea for businesses to outsource their transcription services to a suitable service provider. In-house transcription may prove to be an expensive proposition and may require dedicate staff. In some cases the staff will also have to be trained and a business will also have to invest in the hardware and software needed for the transcription work.

It is important to select an audio transcription work that can deliver good results without compromising on the work quality. The transcription should be done within the tie and firm providing transcription services should maintain complete confidentiality. The firm providing transcription services should also be able to make the conversion in a format demanded by the client. The transcription may be verbatim transcription or otherwise and these aspects determine the cost involved.