The Wonders of a Blue Light Filter

We do enjoy our gadgets, and there is no doubt that mobile phones are among our favourites. From invention to mass production to ubiquity took mobiles just a couple of decades, and the generation growing up today cannot even begin to imagine what life was like before they came along. But, as with everything, there are drawbacks to this mega success story. One of these comes from the amazing new screen technology ushered in by LED screens. Unlike the old liquid crystal screens, LED screens are bright and brilliantly coloured. But they also produce blue light wavelengths that can be harmful to our sleep if seen after dark.

The reason for this is that our brain associates intense blue light with daytime. Our body clock is designed to react to this light by keeping us alert. Once darkness falls we release a hormone called melatonin, that makes us sleepy. Seeing the intense blue light from an LED screen after dark prevents melatonin being released, and therefore disrupts our natural sleep/wake cycle. The upshot is that we lose up to several hours of the valuable deep sleep that keeps us healthy.


Fortunately, there is a way to combat this effect, and to retain the immense benefits of LED screen technology without sacrificing our sleep. By fitting your phone with a blue light screen protector, you can filter out the blue light waves, keep your screen safe, and enjoy crystal clear vision, all in one.