Using Glass Coasters For Crafts

Glass coasters are becoming more popular and a lot of people have found ways of making them to suit their needs whiles others change them to different uses when they become old. Take a look at how we can personalize glass coasters or recycle them into different uses.

Personalizing Your Glass Coasters

Thinking about creating your own glass coasters with your logo or personal brand on it? That’s a good idea. You can print or cut a picture of your choice, that is less than the size of your glass coaster slightly and glue it to the coaster. When it is dried, cut a piece of contact paper large enough to cover your picture or logo and then glue it to the glass. As simple as that, and you would have a good glass customized coaster.

Making Glass Coasters into Glass Garden Paths

You can use your glass coasters to create a glass garden path and lay them as tiles. You can also break them into shards and make a mosaic with those broken pieces. This would however require more glass coasters.

Making Baby Mementos with Glass Coasters

Get a baby-paint washable paint, pour the paint in a container that’s flat, and press baby’s foot or hand into the liquid gently and then gently apply the foot or hand into the coaster. This is a chance to keep a memento of your baby’s feet and hands artwork.

Changing Old Glass Coasters into Fused Glass Coasters

This involves layering your old glass coasters with different designs and colors to create a pattern and heating all together in a high temperature kiln until all pieces begin to bond together. They are latter allowed to slowly cool down and then broken to produce a new finished glass coaster.

Glass coasters could also be transformed into glass dessert stands or into recycled glass wind chime and a lot of other uses. Be innovative with your glass coasters and get the best out of them. This site has a huge stock of coasters, check if you need any of them.