Do You Know What PMP Program Is?

Have you heard about the term “What exactly are PMPs?” PMPs are nothing but just a program lead by prescribers that help collect detailed information about the prescription history of individual patients, for which to gain insight on who is receiving abusive drugs and medications that particular drugs are being prescribed and how many times they’re re-filling the similar drug from doctors.

This information is used only as a tracking system. The goal is not to oppress these individuals and punish them but just filtering out which ones being overly-prescribed. More importantly they try to understand why. Are they suffering from an addiction to painkillers?

Do they need professional help? If required, medical providers will step in and assist in providing proper addiction treatment by confronting the user and determine whether or not it is the suitable course of action. You can get more info on prescription drug monitoring through

Some of the drugs being “red-flagged” are under the category of “Schedule II” medications, including methamphetamines, as well as painkillers like oxycodone & morphine. Undoubtedly, these painkillers and others have strong addictive qualities on the body & mind. According to addiction specialist and law enforcement it should be moderated and supervised by medical facilities.