Learn Some Basics About Genetic Testing

People who are looking for something specific often opt for genetic testing. The most common reason is to determine the genetic marker of any health problem or to establish any family relationship. In such situations, usually the entire family undergoes genetic testing and then their results are examined. And sometimes people get puzzled when their results vary from one family member to another. But there is nothing to get puzzled about. In this article, I have listed some basic information about genes that will help you know more about genetic testing.

When a child is formed then 23 chromosomes are inherited from mother and 23 from father. Out of these 23 pairs of chromosome, the last pair determines the gender of the child. The gender chromosome inherited from the mother is always X. This means that doesn’t matter whether the child is a girl or a boy, same chromosome will be inherited from the mother. The gender chromosome inherited from the father can be X or Y and this chromosome determines the gender of a child. If you are interested then you can also get genetic disease testing via http://geneticmedicineclinic.com/.

With everybody comprised of numerous gene combinations, not just from their mother and father, but also grand-parents, great grand-parents and so-forth generations, it’s easy to understand why same family member’s genetic tests may lead to different results.